Kelley and Jennette believe in being a shining light in people’s lives.  They love bringing out the best in people, and seeing the potential they have inside. Many people fail to give, because they believe they are not good enough, have to learn more, or simply don’t believe they have anything to offer.  How untrue that is!
The foundation of everything the Bremers do is rooted in their faith in Christ.  They believe that any success they’ve had, and will continue to have, will be a result of putting God first in their lives. Sometimes the greatest impact you can have on someone else’s life is to be that consistent example of seeing the good in others in every situation. That’s what freedom is!
Sometimes a smile or a seemingly insignificant conversation changes the direction of someone’s day.  The power of giving makes lives better, gives hope those those without, or simply brightens up someone’s day, to where someday they may also pay it forward. Again, a sentiment worthy of acknowledgment.  
They believe in not only giving monetarily but giving as a hand up not just a withering hand out.  It is said that if you give a man a fish he will not go hungry for the night. Teach a man how to fish and his plate will be plentiful all the days of his life.  
Kelley and Jennette BremerFaith & Philanthropy