A good diet and exercise are necessary for a healthy lifestyle and more than ever the Bremers are more aware of their health and the need of it.  With three growing kids and an on-the-go lifestyle, they prioritize their health in order to accomplish goals in business and with their family.  It’s simply a non-negotiable for prosperity in all areas of life.

Both Kelley and Jennette have played in different sports throughout their schooling years. Kelley played baseball through his high school years, before enlisting into the US Army.  However, coming out of the army, Kelley took on volleyball casually and focused on wakeboarding for nearly two decades.  His passion for wakeboarding was at the center of their leisure and social schedule in their early marriage years. Kelley even organized and ran wakeboard tournaments and an online chatboard.  Being able to wakeboard on a Tuesday afternoon, when very few people were around, was one of the driving forces behind his quest for financial independence.   

Although their gym offers a variety of group exercise classes that Jennette enjoys, outdoors and sunshine are her first choice. Jennette enjoys getting outdoors and being active, whether it’s a hike, a run, or activities with their children.  “There’s nothing like fresh air, blood pumping, and beautiful scenery” says Jennette. In any city she’s lived or visited, hiking takes top choice. She’s hiked the foothills of Arizona, the mountains of Colorado, and the ridges of northern California.  In lower elevations, trekking along the trails and beaches of where she grew up, and their home in central Florida gives her just as much enjoyment. 

Balancing activity with healthy food choices and supplements are habits that they’ve developed in their years of experience.  Managing time and activities, and enhancing key relationships, are also at the center of their overall picture of health for themselves.  They enjoy their workload, family time, as well as traveling, and having influence in their career and relationships.  Their spiritual life keeps them grounded and centered on what matters most. 

 Overall, health is one of the many gifts they treasure and protect.  For without it, challenges keep us from carrying out the great plan for our lives.  

Kelley and Jennette BremerThe Habit of Health