Kelley and Jennette are most excited about influencing families.  They’ve found, through their own journey as entrepreneurs, how incredible an opportunity it is to work side-by-side with a spouse.  
As an engineer and a teacher, they were living separate lives and giving each other what was left at the end of the day and on weekends.  Their time was spent in different locations, with different people, going after different objectives, and having different goals.  
The beauty of becoming entrepreneurs is that they had to focus on a common goal and figure out how to compliment each other’s personalities, work habits, and dreams.  What better way to truly become one than to work side by side on their dreams and to raise their children who see mom and dad working together as a team helping other people.   
They now are encouraged to see young couples that they mentor mature and grow into amazing husbands and wives and parents with dreams of their own for their own families.  With the way the world is going, parents are stretched thin when it comes to time and raising families.  Something that allowed Jennette to let go of her teaching career and to begin to dream bigger was the greater impact she could have on families as a whole.  She dreamed of strengthening families from the inside out by influencing parents.  
They believe in leadership and being a great example for everyone around them.  Early on in their relationship, Kelley and Jennette decided that they wanted to be a beacon of light for their friends and the failing marriages they saw around them.  When they were introduced to a business team, they then had the opportunity to have that same influence not just in the wakeboard, engineering, and teaching community, but they now had a larger audience and could reach more people.  
What’s exciting to them is seeing young couples being mentored in life, mature together, gain leadership skills, and eventually become parents. They see them leading their families by example and around an incredible positive association.  They believe that we are products of our environment and if they can create and protect a great environment for their business partners and their children then generations will benefit.  
Lifelong friendships can change the destiny of any individual and family.  It’s a responsibility that Kelley and Jennette gladly take on.  They live their lives without apologies, knowing that they are not perfect but have great value to add to their friends, family, and business partners.  They take on the responsibility of being examples in all aspects of life often giving advice or guiding people to make good decisions for their future.  Raising children with parents of character, and by good example, means less children growing into adults who still seek the acceptance and love they never got as children.
Kelley and Jennette BremerMarriage & Family