Humbled to be called leaders in their industry, Kelley and Jennette believe that without mentorship they would not have come close to the amount of success they have today.  Despite any success that they have already achieved, they continue to pursue, and submit themselves, to the coaches and mentors in their lives. 
With his corporate career behind him and her teaching career in the past, they’ve had the opportunity to develop business across the United States and speak internationally giving credit to the people who’ve paved the path before them.
From the beginning, they decided to not negotiate the price of mentorship nor the path to success. They sold their house, changed jobs, and moved to Florida to seek out people who believed in them and were willing to take them under their wings.  
Their mentors, with only an expectations that their seeds would bare fruit, poured countless hours into a young couple, changing them from the inside out.  They developed a couple into leaders with a passion for developing other leaders, passing on skill, standards, morals, vision, and purpose.  Today, Kelley and Jennette take the responsibility to pay it forward and mentor other budding entrepreneurs towards the accomplishment of their dreams and goals.
Kelley and Jennette BremerMentorship & Leadership