Tips to Get Your Kids Involved In Winning At Home

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One of the biggest mistakes parents make is leaving their children to the care of the teachers in school. As a parent, you have the power to help your children become winners at home and elsewhere. But just how do you go about that? Parenting seldom comes with a manual. You have to literally run the ropes on your own. Help is on the way!

Here are some tips to get your kids become winners:

Help Them Set Goals

Like everyone else, children need to have both short-term and long-term goals. For long term goals, children need to know what they want to achieve in the coming years. It could be making a step in the education cycle by scoring a certain grade. It could also mean having a vision board in front of them for things they want to have, see, or accomplish in the future.  Most goals ever met were seen in one’s mind LONG before achieving the goal.  It is incredible how the mind goes to work to help one attract to them the vision they set. Short-term goals will help them do the day-to-day actions that will eventually translate to the achievement of the long-term goals.

Teach your kids what setting SMART goals involves. Help them think about what they want to become as adults. Well-defined goals should guide them in everything they do whether at home or in school.

Find Ways for Them to Earn Money

There is one thing that you must teach your children – money is earned after work. It will be foolhardy for them to grow up thinking that money just happens. Find a way the kids can earn money at home and teach them the value of that money. It could be recycling some of the waste produced at home and selling it. It could mean having a set of “above and beyond” chores your children can do to help them earn commissions.  It could also mean brainstorming with them some age-appropriate ways that they could create income streams with business ideas.  Aside from arousing their creative instinct, this will help teach them the value of money. Your kids need to grow up knowing how to make investments and get returns.

Set Aside Time To Get Involved

It is obviously important for you to achieve your own financial goals. However, often parents focus so much on their personal achievements, that their family becomes a victim of them.  Getting involved in your children’s lives requires time. Set aside time for simple activities such as regular family meals. That is one way of building in them greater self-confidence, a larger vocabulary, and better grades.

Schedule family meetings on a regular basis. Find out what each of the family members has been up to in the past week. Also, review the progress that each of the children is making in their life at home and in school. Establish family rituals such as going on an evening walk, or talking to people to make new friends, to teach your kids the importance of being social.

Turn Off (Or Disconnect) Electronic Devices

There is evidence to suggest that less time spent watching TV leads to increased levels of happiness. That is why you should limit the amount of time your kids spent in front of a TV screen. But that also applies to other electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. Constant use of these devices is not just a time waster but it also discourages creativity. Also, your kids are likely to fall prey to the dangers posed by social media, and other non-controlled sites.

Making winners out of your children is achievable if you make sustained and concerted efforts. In the end, you will have all-rounded youngsters that are ready to take on the world.

Kelley and Jennette BremerTips to Get Your Kids Involved In Winning At Home

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